Studio Adult Ballet Group Course

The classes consist of stretching, floor barre exercises, ballet exercises, and depending on personal improvement, pointe exercises. During the exercieses, classical ballet moves are recomposed and are incorporated into a new creation process along with choreographic exercises.

While we aim at taking pleasure in dancing and exercising in a balanced way with our adult ballet programme for a healthy body and mind integrity, ballet as an art form helps us maintain good posture, enables the body to be flexible and strong, and look elegant at the same time. Good posture, improvisation, and choreographic exercises boost self-confidence. Space-body-movement association positively affects memory and concentration, balance and coordination improve, and body awareness increases. Using different kinds of music besides classical music in line with the needs during classes, contributes to mental relaxation and to the flow of energy in the body with movements.

The programme welcomes everyone above 18 years of age, whether or not they have a ballet history.

The length of class periods is 75 minutes. The class meets once a week.